going through a break up? try these 5 steps


Speaking as someone going through a separation I find mindfulness a struggle, mainly because I return, time and again, to the juiciness of hot emotions. Read more

are you blinded by your own expertise?


Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash

I am fascinated by the work of Ronald Epstein. Epstein is a practicing family physician, a professor of family medicine, psychiatry, and oncology. He has used mindfulness to transform physicians’ views of their work. Here are four questions he uses to help you transform your assumptions. Read more

is there another way to view this situation?


Photo by Hannah Tims on Unsplash

Do you get reactive in a challenging situation? So do I. Mindfulness has helped me realize that there is another, liberating way! Read more

a mind for love


No more timidity. Let fruit fall,
and wind turn my roots up in the
done with patient waiting. 


I am experiencing the depth and dazzling dizziness of the fall. Read more

approaching mindfulness


A few summers ago a sunflower emerged in front of two weary, dilapidated sheds. It had pushed itself out between a crack of paving slab, and some scabrous weed. Read more

love the one you're not with


Look at the image. The mobile has been removed and in so doing shows how our connection to our devices is disconnecting us from our most intimate moments. It's like we're learning a new intimacy. An intimacy where we equally love the device that disconnects us from the one we’re with. Read more

Practices for being in the here and now


David Clode, Unsplash

Here are some mindfulness exercises for you, to help you be present and stay in the here and now Read more

the teacher's timeout card


If you're a teacher, have you ever had one of those moments when you’ve felt like saying to the class ...  “Sorry folks…need a little space for myself now… just to take the edge off… See you in five.” Read more

little girl lost


Amy says, ‘Sir, I don’t think I’m going to pass.’ I notice anxiety in her posture, in her eyes. She’s the little girl lost. Read more

know your neurobiological narrative


I might be misguided but isn’t an ‘intervention’ (you know, of the academic variety) primarily concerned with manipulating emergent properties of cognition? But then, isn’t cognition linked to neurobiology? If so, isn’t it cognitively dissonant to assume that manipulations (interventions) can only be confined to just cognition? Read more


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