mindfulness for educators


This mindfulness program has been developed out of a consideration of the context of school educators and administrative staff. Read more

mindfulness program for secondary students


Developed by leading mindfulness teachers,.b (pronounced 'dot-be') is a classroom introduction to mindfulness for secondary students. Read more

mindfulness program for elementary schools


Developed by leading mindfulness teachers, Paws b is a practical and fun classroom introduction to mindfulness. Read more

5 trauma-informed mindfulness practices for legal professionals


I have been in constant conversation with legal professionals throughout my life. My father was a lawyer. I have friends who are legal professionals. My partner is a lawyer.

What do our conversations revolve around? What's a constant theme? Read more

everyday mindfulness 10 week program


Why take the Everyday Mindfulness 10-Week Program? Read more

meditation for calm and coherence


Breathing in a calm and coherent way can have a positive impact on your mind. Hopefully, you’ll start to experience this through this practice. Read more

are you blinded by your own expertise?


Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash

I am fascinated by the work of Ronald Epstein. Epstein is a practicing family physician, a professor of family medicine, psychiatry, and oncology. He has used mindfulness to transform physicians’ views of their work. Here are four questions he uses to help you transform your assumptions. Read more

is there another way to view this situation?


Photo by Hannah Tims on Unsplash

Do you get reactive in a challenging situation? So do I. Mindfulness has helped me realize that there is another, liberating way! Read more

love the one you're not with


Look at the image. The mobile has been removed and in so doing shows how our connection to our devices is disconnecting us from our most intimate moments. It's like we're learning a new intimacy. An intimacy where we equally love the device that disconnects us from the one we’re with. Read more

practices for being in the here and now


Here are 16 mindfulness exercises to help you arrive in the here and now Read more


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