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Chris Reck · Calm and Coherent Breathing Meditation

Breathing in a calm and coherent way can have a positive impact on your mind. Hopefully, you’ll start to experience this through this practice.

Find a place where you can sit comfortably upright and relaxed. Either on a cushion, a stool, or a chair. Ideally, sitting so that your knees are level with, or below, your waist. Get a sense of the spine upright, supporting you. This will help to keep your mind focused and alert. Let your hands rest on your lap or your legs. Whatever feels most comfortable for you. 

Neuroscience shows that something as simple as a slight shift in posture can, by triggering neurophysiological circuits, change how we react to the world, how we organize thoughts, and how we motivate ourselves.

What we’re doing here is a neurophysiological intervention that – through intention and commitment – can help you achieve a calm state of mind.

First, bring your attention to your breath.

Notice how you are breathing at this moment.

There are two key features of the breath that will bring you into a calm and coherent state.

The first involves your full diaphragm, by breathing into your belly.

So, if you place one hand on your stomach you should feel it rising with your in-breath and falling with your out-breath.

Feel this for a few breaths.

You might notice now that the mind is settling down a bit.

You are activating one branch of your parasympathetic nervous system, your ‘rest and digest’ mode.

Carry on taking smooth breaths into the belly.

You might start noticing the calming effect on the mind.

Keep practicing for the next 30 seconds or so.

Now we want to bring in the second feature of this practice.

This involves counting a fixed sequence of the in-breath and the out-breath.

We will count 4 on the in-breath and 6 on the out-breath.

We will inhale first

In 2-3-4.

And out 2, 3,4,5,6.

In 2,3,4

And out 2,3,4,5,6.

In 2,3,4.

And out 2,3,4,5,6.

Keep breathing to this sequence of 4 on the in-breath and 6 on the out-breath.

Feel the flow.

Breathing into your belly.

Alert and relaxed.

Enjoy the breath.

Notice where it feels good in the body.

The mind can be calmed by the shape of your breath.

Enjoy calming your mind.

Enjoy the confidence and clarity that arrives for you as you calm your mind in this way.

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