greet your resistance

If you're concerned with the small matter of how you'll be remembered, then maybe work on this .... Resistance. 

Resistance comes in simple moments, like having to get up, or having to change the baby’s diaper, or having to put out the garbage, or feeling the first pelt of rain upon your back. There are so many  moments of resistance. They make us shudder, and they come with compound interest: they add up and store themselves within you. They turn into hardened habits.

This is what we are up against.

But it is also the noble work of a life to meet such resistance. Meet it with curiosity and an open heart. This is the work of your mindful life.

If you are concerned with the small matter of how you will be remembered; for the contribution you made, then think upon this: you will not be remembered for how much money you made; nor the size of your house; not the deals you made; or the victories you think you attained over perceived enemies. That’s just your storytelling mind telling you what you will be remembered for.

No. You will be remembered for the nobility you showed in the face of resistance.

So, make this your work. Welcome the moment you have to get up. Honour the diaper you have to change. Celebrate the ritual of garbage removal. Worship the soaking of rain. Be curious about the energy released within you when these moments arise. Stay with the energy. Breathe.

If you want to sow persistence, lean into  resistance with the open heart you were born with.

Image, Denin Lawley

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