where are you on the continuum?

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Part of being already mindful is knowing that you're on a continuum. It's never a home run. It's more of a working towards a home run: working towards the home run of bringing friendly awareness to wherever it is you happen to be in thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations, and finding space within that realisation.

Take a look at these mindful attitudes. You are always somewhere on the continuum. The key thing is that you recognise you're somewhere on the scale. Not that you are all mindful and 'doing it' - or 'being' - at the right end of the scale/continuum. That's just never going to happen. You're either between accepting or rejecting, patience or impatience, judgement or non-judgement, letting go or holding on, non-striving or striving, watching things emerge or defaulting to reactive auto-pilot. Some moments you're further along the continuum than you are in other moments. It's all impermanent. It's never fixed. 

The question is ... can you just be with wherever you are? Can you just bring friendly awareness to your state of mind?

Then ... can just begin again? 

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