How would it feel to ...

How would it feel to be truly present?

The Present is a new six-week online course designed to introduce mindfulness and well-being. 

It is particularly relevant during these socially distanced new ways of being.

The Present focuses on encouraging friendly, mindful awareness towards experience as it shows up in our busy lives.
It supports exploration, discovery, and friendly awareness
how things already are for you in your life by introducing a variety of mindfulness practices that can be chosen to support your well-being.
The journey is exploratory and experiential.

The Present invites you to explore mindfulness through seven themes:

here & now


coming home to the human body

coming home to the human mind


choice and change.

The Present
for people who wish to bring a fresh approach to their mindfulness practice as well as for those who are curious to discover mindfulness for the first time.

About Chris:

I'm an Education Assistant in School District 61. I taught for 18 years in secondary schools in the UK. I've trained to teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for adults with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, at Bangor University, and with the Mindfulness in Schools Project, both based in the UK. I teach mindfulness to elementary and secondary school students and teachers. I recently completed postgraduate research with Cambridge University in how mindful attention can help frame teacher identity and agency in a secondary school context.

If you're interested in making mindfulness make sense for you in your busy life, or if you want to know more about the course, please contact me at

or 250 884 5462

Warm wishes



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