medicine for your messy mind

Image. Cheng Feng. Unsplash

Here’s the mess:
You struggle with being present.

You get overwhelmed.

You procrastinate.

You can’t focus.

Your mind judges, compares, narrates, plans, worries, ruminates, remembers, evaluates, and analyzes.

Your body feels uncomfortable, and you don’t know why.

You find it hard to connect with yourself, with people, with places.

You feel as though you don’t make the best choices.

You struggle to accept change.

You are more disconnected, distracted, and dysregulated than you’d like to be.

Here’s the medicine:

You are already mindful.

You already have its medicine for your messy mind

You already have this breath, this body, right now.

Hello, my name is Chris Reck and I’d like to share with you my experience of mindfulness practice.

Please join me for the quest into mindful awareness.

Warm regards



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