Welcome to the podcast archive of Your Mindful Life.

#1 Your Mindful Life with Helen Marsh

Helen Marsh was my first guest on the YML podcast. Helen has helped me deepen and develop my own mindfulness practice and she kindly offered supervision to me when I first started teaching mindfulness.  I’m hugely grateful to her for her time in agreeing to talk about her own mindfulness practice and her approach to a mindful life.

# 2 Your Mindful Life with Sarah Silverton

Sarah Silverton is a highly experienced mindfulness teacher, trainer, mentor, supervisor, and writer. ##more## She is also co-creator of a mindfulness curriculum for schools, as well as being the co-author of a new and inspiring program called The Present, designed to support teachers in weaving mindfulness practice into the learning experience. I’ve had the privilege of attending courses and retreats led by Sarah and I’ve always wanted to invite her on to YML, so I’m truly grateful to her for the opportunity to hear the story of how she came to cultivate her own mindful life. I’m also curious about what her sense of mindfulness is as well as learning in more detail about this pioneering work she is doing in bringing mindfulness into schools and the workplace.

# 3 Your Mindful Life with Mike Elliott

I love this conversation with Mike Elliott. Mike had been coaching using NLP until he discovered that mindfulness too presented him with options for encountering challenging situations. Here he describes his transition through an experience he summarises beautifully as the ability to peer under the bonnet of what’s happening in the moment.

# 4 Your Mindful Life with Layth Matthews

I love the idea of being cheerful about the wealth within you. This realisation runs through the heart of this podcast with Layth Matthews, author of The Four Noble Truths of Wealth, a Buddhist view of economic life, a book that explores how the essence of the Buddha’s teachings can illuminate our own perception of what wealth really means and how our perception of wealth affects our personal and global experience of prosperity.
Layth has been studying Buddhism and economics since 1979. He also studied at the University of Washington and Harvard. He is a Shambhala Buddhist teacher as well as being President of Rigden Financial, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

# 5 Your Mindful Life with Zoran Stojkovic

It was wonderful to interview Zoran Stojkovic, founder of Kizo Performance, a company that trains and conditions the minds of athletes with evidence-based techniques to empower peak performance. Zoran works with elite junior and college-age athletes and high-level coaches in North America. 

# 6 Your Mindful Life with Alex Campbell

In this podcast, I interview Alex Campbell, a life coach, professional musician, and a student at The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education, where he is in training to be a certified sexologist. Alex explores the meeting points of spirituality, sexuality, and ontology. As a coach, Alex works with people trailblazing their own path in life, where spiritual purpose meets embodied human living. ##more##As Alex puts it: Heart, meet Brain. Brain, meet soul. Alex reveals how he relates to mindfulness and how he sees its practice as being fundamentally about balance in your life and the opportunity to heal. In this discussion, we explore how somatic practice can help with stages of healing and the process that underpins such healing. We also make connections between COVID and erectile dysfunction (maybe a first?!) and our potential for embodied ways of being. Essentially, we explore how mindfulness really is the practice of noticing the 360 degrees of your experience and the fact that you already have a baseline of mindfulness within you.


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